“For the past year, It has been My honor to serve you on the Santa Monica City Council.”

I’m Lana Negrete. I experience Santa Monica as a renter, a small business owner, a mother, and someone who was born and raised here.

I was appointed last year to City Council and I am running to continue the work I’ve started.

I find the key to diversity is to give everybody a seat at the dinner table and respect what everybody has to say based on their perception.”

“The way we create diversity in local and higher level government is to show representation and create pathways for those people.”

Lana Negrete with Daisy Scout Troop obtaining their Democracy Badge.

“Like many residents my concerns for public safety, economic recovery, and the diverse homelessness, mental health and drug addiction crisis on our streets has become an urgent matter. I have started to work with the various stakeholders and city staff to address these issues with effective solutions.”

Lana Negrete with WestCoastCare, a reunification program for the homeless

“I have been working with constituents in the community to activate our parks and public spaces creating a safer and cleaner environment.”

Lana Negrete with the safe and clean task force (Santa Monica Police, Public Works, Fire, and Code Departments


  • California BOE Member & Santa Monica Mayor (fmr.) Tony Vazquez
  • Santa Monica Mayor Pro Tem Kristin McCowan
  • Santa Monica City Councilmember Phil Brock
  • Santa Monica City Councilmember Christina Parra
  • SMMUSD Board Member Jon Kean
  • SMMUSD Board Member Maria Leon Vazquez
  • SMMUSD Board Member Laurie Leiberman
  • SMMUSD Board Member Jen Smith
  • Shari Davis – Community for Excellent Public Schools Co-Founder Shari Davis
  • Santa Monica Parks & Recreation Commissioner Albin Gielicz
  • Tree Hugging Friends Co-Founder Jerry Rubin